Screen Capture Admin Recording Settings

This article will focus on the Recording Setup portion of the Screen Capture Configuration page

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What will this article cover?

This article is intended to walk through the Recording Setup settings in the Screen Capture > Configuration page.

The Configuration page is only accessible to Maestro Admins, and on this page an Admin can configure settings such as:

  1. Configuring what channels Screen Capture will work with

  2. Determining Screen Capture video retention time frame

  3. Configuring Wrap-Up or Multi-ticket Support

General Notes

For any update you make to any setting in this article, always make sure to click on "Save Settings" button at the bottom of the section to retain your changes.

After clicking "Save Settings", we recommend to:

  1. Have Screen Capture users restart the Chrome Browser and if applicable the Native Screen Capture app

  2. Wait at least 30 minutes for the settings to apply

Setting up Screen Capture Channels

The first option you will see in the Recording Setup segment is related to setting which support Channels you wish to set up Screen Capture for.

Zendesk Channels

For Zendesk, we support and allow these channels to be toggled individually:

  1. Email

  2. Call

  3. Chat

    1. When enabling Chat, you will also need to select the agents you want to enable Chat Screen Capture for in the “Enable chat recordings for agents” section.

Salesforce Channels

For Salesforce, we support these channels:

  1. Email

  2. Chat

  3. Phone

There are no individual toggle per channel, and by default enabling “Case” will enable Screen Capture for all of the above channels.

Enable Recording for Selected Agents or Groups

This setting is helpful if you want to set and forget your Screen Capture onboarding. Through this option, you set an agent group(s) and each agent with the agent group(s) will have Screen Capture enabled.

If an agent is removed from an agent group selected for Screen Capture, the agent will also be disabled for Screen Capture.

All updates or changes made to this option will also reflect on the Agent Management page.

Note: It is NOT required to send an invite to an agent to get them started with using Screen Capture. As long as the agent is enabled and has downloaded the correct Screen Capture apps, the agent will be able to start using Screen Capture.

Choosing Screen Capture Method

This option allows you to choose between these two Screen Capture options:

  1. Native App and Extension

  2. Extension only

We highly recommend to use the Native App and Extension approach to help reduce effort to get Screen Capture started as well as maintain a more consistent Screen Sharing permission.

The Chrome Extension only approach works great as an initial step into getting your team familiar with Screen Capture, but we recommend to eventually switch to Native App experience given last changes in Google’s Manifest v3 API make it difficult to retain Screen Sharing permissions consistently.

Setting Up Recording View

Choose what an agent is required to share when using the Screen Capture application, and each of the options work as follows:

  • Entire Screen

    • Refers to laptop display or monitor screens to be shared

    • This will record everything on the screens

  • Only the web browser

    • Refers to any open application windows and will require a user to select the correct browser window

  • Only one browser tab

    • This is a legacy screen sharing option that allows a user to only share 1 browser tab

If using the Companion app, for the most seamless experience, we recommend to use “Entire Screen” as the Recording View method.

Recording Availability

Screen Capture videos have a maximum retention time frame of 30 days and a minimum time frame of 1 day. After a Screen Capture is older than 30 days, it is deleted and will no longer be visible on the ticket or can be restored.

Set Wrap-Up Time

Wrap-up time is intended to be used with Phone support interactions. After a Phone support interaction ends, set how many seconds Screen Capture will continue recording for to help capture any additional work an agent needs to do before moving onto the next support interaction.

Multi Ticket Screen Capture Support

If your team's support workflow involves working on multiple tickets at the same time, you may find it beneficial to enabling Multi Ticket Screen Capture support. This is particularly useful for Chat tickets where you may be expected to juggle multiple chat interactions at the same time.

An example to highlight how this works, refer to the example scenario here:

  1. Agent starts working on a Email ticket

  2. Agent then receives a Chat ticket to work on and shifts focus to the Chat

  3. Chat interaction is finished and closes ticket

  4. Resumes work on Email ticket and closes ticket

For the Email interaction, Recording A is created at Step 1 and capture all the actions done from Steps 1 through 4.

With Multi-Ticket, there will now be a Recording B that begins when the agent starts working on the Chat interaction. This recording would only capture Steps 2 and 3.

Recording A will be attached to the Email ticket that started the recording. Recording B will be attached to the Chat ticket.

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