Inviting/Enabling Agents to Screen Capture

How to invite and enable an Agent to start using Screen Capture

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How to enable and invite an agent to use Screen Capture

Enabling from "Agent Management" page

Only MaestroQA Admins can invite, enable, and disable agents for Screen Capture. One way to do this is from the Agent Management page.

On this page, click on the checkbox next to each agent you want to set up Screen Capture for. After selecting one agent, you will see a set of options appear right above the table allowing for:

  1. Disable Recording: Disables screen capture

  2. Enable Recording: Enables screen capture

  3. Send Setup guide: Sends an email to an agent with a link on how to set up Screen Capture

  4. Send invitations: Sends an invite to an agent to download the Screen Capture extension

  5. Cancel: Clicking this will deselect all agents selected

To enable agents, select the number of agents you wish to enable Screen Capture for and then click Enable Recording.

Enabling by Agent Group

Another way to enable agents for Screen Capture is by using "Enable Recording for Selected Agents or Groups" available on the Configuration page. This option allows you to set and forget enabling or disabling Screen Capture by allowing you to configure it on an Agent Group level.

We recommend to create an Agent Group solely responsible for enabling agents for Screen Capture, and then within this dropdown, click "(All Agents in Group)" at the top.

To retain changes, make sure to scroll down and click "Save settings" to retain the agent group you have selected.

In comparison to the Agent Management page approach, this can be a great way to help set and forget enabling agents for Screen Capture.


Does my agent need to receive an email to start using Screen Capture?

An agent does not need to receive an invite through email to start using Screen Capture.

If they have the Screen Capture extension downloaded and Companion App (if applicable), then make sure to check if:

  1. Agent is enabled for Screen Capture using one of the methods mentioned in this article

  2. Agent has allowed Chrome/Screen Capture extension and Companion app (if applicable) the proper Share Screen related permissions

If there are still persisting issues after confirming the above, please feel free to chat in!

If my agent has already downloaded the Screen Capture extensions and the Companion App, is there anything else I need to do?

Agents need to be enabled for Screen Capture through either of the options mentioned in the article above as well as have provided the correct Share Screen permissions to the Screen Capture extension and Companion app (if applicable).

This means that an agent can download all necessary apps in advance of being enabled for Screen Capture. We will not start Screen Capture recording for an agent until they have been enabled for Screen Capture.

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