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What is the Companion App?

The Companion App, in some cases referred to as the Native App, is a supplement to the Screen Capture Chrome Extension.

To learn more about the Companion App and why you would want to use it, check out this article here!

Installing the Companion App

Step 1: Check whether you should be downloading Companion App

We commonly recommend that the Companion App should be deployed through your team's MDM tool. If you are expecting to have the Companion App deployed automatically onto your device, please reach out to your Team Lead and/or Maestro Admin first as there may be a separate issue at play.

However, if you are expecting to download the Companion App individually, this article will walk through the manual set up process for the Companion App.

Step 2: Obtain Companion App Download Link

After checking that you are required to download the Companion App individually, you should have received a link from your Team Lead and/or Maestro Admin to download the Companion App.

If you have not received a link, check with your team internally on obtaining one.

On this page, click "Get it now" and it will automatically provide you with a version of the Companion App that matches your operating system. For now only Windows and MacOS are supported.

On this page, click the icon noted in the screenshot below to start the download. The Companion App is named "MaestroQA Screen Recorder".

Step 3: Setting up Screen Capture Permissions

For MacOS

Open the Companion App as you would with opening Slack or the Chrome Browser.

You will be prompted to provide Screen Recording permissions, and this is done by:

1. Go to System Settings

2. Locate "Privacy & Security"

3. In the list, look for "Screen Recording" and click on "Screen Recording"

4. On the Screen Recording page, make sure that "MaestroQA Screen Recorder"

For Windows

We sadly do not have step by step instructions for Window set up at this time.

Step 4: Enable Screen Capture

Last step is to enable Screen Capture in Chrome. By clicking on the Puzzle Icon in the top right of Chrome.

Find the Maestro extension that will look like the screenshot below and click on the toggle so it matches the state shown below.

You are now ready to get started with Screen Capture!

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