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Bulk Re-Assigning Agent QA
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How can I mass reassign Agent QA Ticket Reviews?

As an Admin or Limited Admin, you can reassign Ticket Reviews either from the Ticket Review page or from the QA Assignments > All Grader Assignments view.

To start, expand a row for a grader to see all the Ticket Reviews/assignments that were assigned for that grader. Next to each Ticket Review/assignment, you will see a checkbox.

By selecting a checkbox, it will mark the corresponding Ticket Review to be available for reassigning, and then this will show the following options:

  • Reassign

    • This option is what allows you to bulk reassign the select Ticket Reviews for the selected grader to someone else

  • Mark Complete

    • Marks the selected Ticket Reviews as complete

  • Delete

    • Deletes the Ticket Reviews

Note: If you are a Limited Admin and are unable to conduct this flow, this may be a result of lack of permissions to reassign Ticket Reviews. Please check with your Maestro Admin if you believe you need this permission.

How does this reassign flow work?

After clicking on "Reassign", a pop-up will appear that shows:

  • Who the Ticket Reviews belong to (in this case Sally)

  • How many Ticket Reviews were selected + number of tickets in each Ticket Review

  • A selector that allows you choose distribution by User Group or Individual Grader

  • A brief summary showing how the Ticket Reviews are anticipated to be distributed

This workflow will evenly assign Ticket Reviews to selected graders (or all users within a User Group) who have the ability to create Agent QA Scores. The reassign flow will only work with Agent QA type Ticket Reviews. This will not work with reassigning Grader QA or Calibrations.

Clicking on "Reassign Ticket Reviews" will unassign the originally assigned grader.

Using the above screenshot as an example, Grader Sally has 3 Ticket Reviews/assignments selected for reassignment. These will be redistributed to graders Bob and Jill.

Since the reassigning flow is based off of Ticket Reviews a sample way of how the distribution would work is:

  • Bob will receive

    • Random QA Assignment - Agent A: 3/8/24 to 3/15/24 (5 tickets)

    • Random QA Assignment - Agent A: 3/13/24 to 3/20/24 (3 tickets)

  • Jill will receive

    • Random QA Assignment - Agent B: 3/10/24 to 3/17/24 (1 ticket)

These Ticket Reviews will also no longer by assigned to Sally. Now they are assigned to their corresponding new assignees.

Note: When going through the reassign flow, this currently only works on a per grader basis. This means you cannot select different ticket reviews across different graders to bulk reassign Ticket Reviews from a combination of graders.

In order to reassign across different graders, do the reassignment flow per grader.

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