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Using Metrics in Coaching Sessions
Using Metrics in Coaching Sessions

Using Performance Dashboard Metrics in Coaching Sessions

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How can I add a Metric to a Coaching Session?

Creating a Metric

When opening a Coaching Session, you will see a "Metrics" button as well as a consolidated "Add..." button right underneath the Workspace tab.

Clicking on "Add..." will bring up a pop-up menu of what Coaching related items you can create and then add to the session. Clicking on "Metrics" will bring up a new menu where you can start selecting metrics.

Selecting Metrics and defining time frame

There will be two options in this menu:

  1. Select Metrics

  2. Date Range

To start adding metrics, click on "Select Metrics". This will populate a dropdown that contains a list of metrics that the agent being coached has access to.

If are you seeing no metrics populate, check to see if the agent has access to a Performance Dashboard that contains the metric you are expecting to see. This dropdown list will only populate metrics on a Performance Dashboard shared with the agent.

After selecting these metrics, choose the date range you want to cover for the metrics selected. The selected time frame will not be dynamic, and after creating the metric will automatically convert into a static date range.

Example: If today is 3/30, selecting a date range of past 7 days will automatically convert to a static time frame of (3/23 to 3/30) after the metric is created.

Managing Metrics in a Coaching Session

After creating the metrics, they will populate underneath the Metrics button, and clicking on the Metrics button will show 3 chips that can be dragged into the Coaching Session. These can also be dragged and dropped into a Coaching Session.

Engaging with Metrics in Coaching Sessions

Clicking on a metric will bring you to the corresponding Performance Dashboard page that corresponds with the metric as well as the date frame mentioned.

Adding Metrics to Coaching Templates

In addition to being able to add metrics to a Coaching Template manually, it is also possible to automate populating a metric on templates. Note the same access restrictions apply.


I am not seeing any metrics populate when I click on "Select Metric(s)"

If you are not seeing metrics populate in the dropdown this commonly means that:

  • The agent being coached does not have access to a Performance Dashboard on the Performance page that has metrics associated with it

To resolve this, we recommend to provide the agent in question access to a dashboard that contains relevant metrics for them.

Where are these metrics sourced from?

These metrics are sourced from Performance Dashboards, and we will only be populating Metrics if the agent has access to the metric.

In the current state, the only way for an agent to have access to a metric is by gaining access to a Performance Dashboard that contains the metric.

As an example, if an agent had access to the Demo Dashboard, they would have access to metrics such as:

  • CSAT

  • Phone AHT

  • Chat FCR

I am not seeing a specific metric show up in the dropdown

If you are not seeing a metric show up, this most likely means the agent does not have access to a Performance Dashboard that contains the metric.

You may not have the proper permissions to provide agent access to this dashboard, so we recommend to reach out to your Maestro Admin to help address this.

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