After you have graded tickets in MaestroQA, you most likely would like your agents to be able to access their feedback in order to help them improve. This workflow in MaestroQA can be completely automated by utilizing the "Send Graded Tickets" automation.

This article will walkthrough:

  1. Where can I find Automations?

  2. Building a "Send Graded Tickets" Automation


Where can I find Automations?

Clicking on the gear will bring a dropdown menu where you can then proceed to click on "Sharing Automations".

sharing automations

On the "Sharing Automations" page, click on "Create New Automation". A dropdown of 3 automation options will pop up. For this case, we will select "Send Graded Tickets". 

send graded tickets


Building a "Send Graded Tickets" Automation

1. Naming the Automation

First thing to do is to give your automation a unique name. This automation name is also used to name the Ticket Review when it is created, so be sure to make it easily searchable for future reference! 

Select the Rubrics 

select rubrics

2. Selecting Tickets to be Assigned

Next, you will be asked to configure what type of Tickets the automation should send. Here you will have 2 options, send all tickets OR send tickets that match a specific filter parameter. Typically for sending graded tickets, we see users to "All Tickets". 

select tickets

When you choose the "Filtered Tickets" options, it will prompt you to either apply a pre-existing Saved Search or create a new Saved Search. 

We HIGHLY recommend automation creators to first test out your Saved Search within the Tickets tab prior to applying it to the automation.

3. Setting the Date Range 

Configure what date range you would like to see your tickets from. The norm is to use "Graded During" or "Reported As During" as this will bring you the most relevant results. 

A quick run through of the difference between "Graded" vs. "Reported As", "Graded" will always reflect the last graded date of a ticket. "Reported As" will reflect the modified graded date. As an example:

If a user grades a ticket on 8/11 and changes the date the ticket was graded to reflect 8/5, the "Graded" date will always be reported as 8/11. However, the "Reported As" date will be discoverable as "8/5". 

select date range

The options are:

  • Graded During: tickets that were graded within the date range

  • Created During: tickets created within the date range

  • Reported As During: tickets that were graded (w/ graded date changes) 

  • Last Updated During: tickets that were touched within the date range

4. Determine Frequency of the Automation

schedule frequency

After selecting what time frame the automation should focus on for pulling tickets, you then are required to set when the automation should run. 

send frequency

The options are:

  • Once: sends right at that moment, but won't send again

  • Monthly: sends on the day the next month (Feb 1st - March 1st)

  • Weekly: Sends 7 days later 

  • Daily: Sends 1 day later

  • No Schedule (Manually Trigger): Automation needs to be manually triggered by the user

5. Set Reminders for Reviewing Grades

NOTE: Reminders and due dates for graded tickets are only available to customers on the Professional Package

set due date

This is an optional field. Here you can choose when assignments are due and when reminders should be sent out to your graders.

6. Select the Format for Tickets Being Sent

what should be sent
  • "Link to Ticket Review in MaestoQA" will send an email with one link. The link will launch the MaestroQA Dashboard and show the Ticket Review with the graded tickets. NOTE: this is only available to customers on the Professional Package.

  • "Link to PDF Report" will send an email with a link per agent that launches a PDF of all the graded tickets. See more info HERE.

  • "Link or ID of the Ticket in Helpdesk" will send an email with a list of links or ticket IDs that will launch the ticket in your Helpdesk.

  • "Link or ID of the Ticket in Helpdesk with QA Score" will be the same as above, but will also include the overall QA score for each ticket.

  • "Access to New Tickets (for Limited Agents)" will notify Limited Agents that access has been granted to the recently graded tickets.

7. Finalize the Automation

1. Select the recipients of the graded tickets. Graded tickets can not only be sent to the respective agent, but also to others. This can be useful if QA specialists want to send graded tickets to the agents direct manager or if there is a peer review program in place.

select recipients
  • A summary of the automation will appear at the bottom for clarity.

2. Notifications can be set up for Email AND Slack. Please set up Slack Integration for Slack Notifications.
3. A custom message can be included in the email sent to the graders.
4. Finally, save the automation.


The automation will now send at the time you scheduled, or if you want to send manually, you can go back to the Sharing Automations page in Settings and click "Send Now".

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