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Automate Sharing Graded Tickets

Learn how to send out graded tickets and set due dates for agents to review them

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Graded ticket Automations allow team leads to send graded tickets to Agents and other parties to review. Using these, stakeholders can:

  • Give agents a continual sense of their performance over a particular interval by standardizing their access to graded tickets

  • Set due dates and reminders for agents to review their feedback to track and promote agent engagement

  • Lessen the workflows of graders by distributing the tickets they grade automatically to agents

How to Enable Sharing Graded Ticket Automations

  1. On the dropdown menu on the right of the screen, click “Automations”. Once on that screen, click “Create New Automation” and then “Send Graded Tickets”

  2. Select all or filter tickets, and select the date range you want to send tickets for. Decide the frequency you want graded tickets sent out to agents, and the time they will be sent out at

  3. To set a due date for the agent to review the feedback, select the checkbox and determine when you want the agent to review the ticket by. You will be able to see whether or not the agent has viewed the ticket in the Feedback Table on the Coaching tab. You can also set reminders for the agent to view their tickets

  4. Select the format you want to send tickets in, and the groups you want to send the tickets to. Save the automation, and edit it at any time by returning to the Automations page

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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