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Using the Feedback Table

Learn how to access tickets with QA and CSAT scores from the Coaching tab

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The Feedback table allows team members to quickly access tickets with QA Scores and CSAT responses. With this,

  • Coaches can access recently graded tickets and select ones to add to coaching sessions to provide quantitative feedback

  • Coaches can see which tickets have CSAT scores attached and quickly grade them

  • Agents and Coaches can see graded tickets over a specific time period to benchmark performance

How to Use the Feedback Table

  1. On the Coaching tab, scroll down to the Feedback table

  2. Agents and Coaches can use this table to view tickets by the date they were last graded, updated, solved, or reported using the “Date field” selector

  3. Check to see if Agents have opened their their graded ticket in the "Review Status" column of the table

  4. In the table, coaches can select “Add to Coaching” on the line with the ticket name to add the whole ticket to a coaching session. To add specific criteria, click into the ticket and click “Add to Coaching” on any criteria.

Need a refresher on how to set due dates?

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