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Create an Appeal
Create an Appeal

Kick off the Appeals process by Appealing an answer in a scorecard and start creating conversations about QA scores!

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Use the Appeals Workflow to encourage discussion and improve coaching around the answers you or your agents receive. Then, seamlessly track the progress of Appeals and manage their reviews right in MaestroQA!

Kick Off an Appeal

Before you get started with Appeals, an Admin will need to enable Appeals for your account. If this option is not available, it may also be worth checking with your Team Lead about whether there is a separate Appeal workflow your team engages with.

Who can create an Appeal?

  • If Appeals are enabled for Agents, any user who has access to the score in question can create an Appeal, except for that score's Grader. 

  • If Appeals are NOT enabled for Agents, any user who has access to the score in question can create an Appeal, except for that score's Grader and Agent.

How to start an Appeal:

  • Go to the Tickets tab and click the "See Score" button on a ticket that you did NOT grade.

  • Once in the scorecard, click "Start Appeal" under any question to Appeal the Grader's response.

  • A new section with an Appeal form will appear that requires a reviewer and a reason to Appeal the answer to the question above it. You can also choose if you want to send an email or Slack notification (if integrated with Slack) to the Appeal reviewer.

What is a reviewer?

  • The reviewer is the person selected to either approve or deny the Appeal.

Who can review an Appeal?

  • The list of eligible reviewers includes any users who have access to the score being Appealed and are able to edit grades. This does NOT include the user creating the Appeal.

  • In addition, the user reviewing an Appeal must be explicitly listed as a reviewer in the following setting, found on the Settings > User Roles > Role Permissions page:

Note: You must provide a reason why you're Appealing before you can submit the Appeal.

  • After you click "Submit," you can view your Appeal from the scorecard by clicking "View Pending Appeal" beneath the question.

  • You can also view it by going to Tickets > Appeals, adding the relevant search filters, and viewing it from there.

Parts of an Appeal

Each Appeal has three parts:

  1. The Appeal question - The question and answer that the creator of the Appeal is requesting be reviewed.

  2. The Appeal discussion - The reason why the user Appealed and the reviewer's response to that Appeal.

  3. The ticket with the Appealed score.

Can an Agent submit an Appeal on the same ticket multiple times?

An Agent can Appeal Criteria on a ticket multiple times. We wish to facilitate discussions and conversations, not judicial approvals.

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