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The Appeals Table
The Appeals Table

Keep track of your appeals, take a quick look at the current number of pending appeals, and manage the appeals you're assigned to review

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To access the Appeals Table:

Before you get started with appeals, an admin will need to enable appeals for your account.

  • Once appeals are enabled, click the Ticket Reviews Tab and then click the Appeals tab to access the appeals table

ticket reviews tab

Filter the Appeals Table:

You can filter the appeals table by the reviewer, the agent associated with the appealed score, the status of the appeal, and when the appeal was created. 

You can also search for appeals by question, Ticked ID, grader, and the user that requested the appeal.

Who can access an appeal?

  • Anyone who has access to the agent whose score is being appealed (including the user that created the appeal and the reviewer they assigned)

Access an appeal from the Appeals Table:

  • Click any row in the appeals table to access the associated appeal

access an appeal from appeals table
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