Before you get started with appeals, an admin will need to enable appeals for your account.
How can I access an appeal?

  1. At the bottom of the appealed question.

  2. On the top right side of the scorecard.

access an appeal

   3.  By clicking the row of the appeal in the Appeals Table.

appeals table

To Learn more about the structure of an appeal, take a look at how to Create an Appeal.

How to approve an Appeal:

  •  Change the answer in the Appeal Question section and add a response to the Appeal Discussion section. Then click Approve Appeal.

approve an appeal


  • Changing just the feedback will also allow you to approve an appeal.

  • If the new answer changed the score, this will be reflected on the scorecard.

  • Changing an answer within appeals will NOT change the grader.

How to deny an Appeal:

  • Add a response to the Appeal Discussion section. Then click Deny Appeal.

deny an appeal

Who can approve or deny an appeal?

  • Only the appeal reviewer can approve or deny an appeal. 

  • If there was a user error made when choosing the appeal reviewer, you will need to delete the old appeal and have the agent appeal again. 

Note: Once the appeal is approved or denied, the status changes at the top of the appeal and in the Appeals table.

appeal status
appeal status

How to delete an Appeal:

  • Click the Delete Appeal link on the bottom left side of the appeal page.

Who can delete an appeal?

  • Only admins and the creator of the appeal is able to delete the appeal.

To learn more about the Appeals Workflow, checkout these other help articles.

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