Where are my Custom Ticket Attributes?

Check out this article to troubleshoot any fields that may be missing from your tickets in Maestro!

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In Maestro, Ticket Attributes are any fields that appear on tickets. Examples include Ticket ID, Subject, Tags, Status, etc. Ticket Attributes display on tickets like this:

In MaestroQA, there are two types of Ticket Attributes:

  1. Standard Ticket Attributes: Default Attributes from both MaestroQA and your helpdesk (these cannot be removed)

  2. Custom Ticket Attributes: Additional Attributes that can be imported from your helpdesk or manually created from the Ticket Attributes page (for use with non-integrated workflows)

If you're seeing one of those Custom Ticket Attributes in your helpdesk, but not on tickets in Maestro, navigate to the Ticket / User Attributes page from the settings menu dropdown:

From there, scroll down to the Custom Attributes section and make sure the checkbox next to the Attribute you need is selected:

If the box is checked, that Attribute should appear on tickets in Maestro, as well as in the search filter dropdown in the Tickets tab:

NOTE: If the Attribute you need is not in the Ticket / User Attributes page at all, you may need to add it from the Integrations tab.

Two quick things to point out:

  1. In Maestro, only Attributes with the Search Type "Dropdown Select" can be added to Reporting. Under the "Reporting" column, if the "Add" button is grayed out, that means the corresponding Attribute is of a different Search Type and cannot be added to Reporting. If the "Add" button is lit up, that means the Attribute can be added to Reporting, as shown here:

    1. If you need a Custom Attribute to appear in Reporting but aren't able to click "Add" under the Reporting column, please let us know! All Attributes should map over in their same formats from your helpdesk.

  2. Under the "Export" column in the above image, one Attribute is toggled off, and one is toggled on. Custom Attributes will only be visible in exports from Maestro if that button is toggled on.

    1. See this article for more info on exporting Custom Ticket Attributes.

NOTE: Only manually-defined Custom Attributes can be included on bulk ticket upload files. Please see this article for instructions on uploading tickets to Maestro in bulk.

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