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Replacing Assigned Tickets

How to replace tickets in an assignment

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There are cases where an assignment that was shared with you contains tickets that don't exactly fit your company's grading standards. In these cases, users can utilize the "Replace Ticket" feature to automatically replace a ticket according to the filter parameters set by the assignment creator.

Note: Because this feature uses the same Automation parameters to pick a replacement ticket, this feature only works for assignments generated by Automations.

How do I replace a ticket?

When you click into an assignment/Ticket Review, all you need to do is select the ticket and then click on "Replace Tickets".

replace tickets

If a Grader realizes the ticket being graded is not suitable, a Replace Ticket option is also available on the grading screen.

Replace ticket functionality

From here, the same prompt will appear, asking the user to provide a reason for the replacement. The Note will appear in the Notes section of the assigned Ticket Review, as well as on the Ticket Replacement Report.

If there are no tickets available in the desired date range, or the user selects “wrong date range,” a new date range is requested to pull the new ticket.

There are some standard reasons to select from, as well as `Other.` The following are a potential explanation of what you might be able to do with it.

Standard Reasons

Wrong date range - sometimes a ticket was solved last week, but the interaction that should be graded is from 2-3 weeks ago. Consider reviewing the automation for things like solved date or updated date.

Wrong agent - a ticket could have too many agents so it's not focused on the agent you need to grade. The agent being graded might have not done enough work on the ticket. It would be a good idea to check your agent associations if this reason gets used a lot.

Not enough to grade - You can think of this as an agent who did not do enough work on this ticket - the ticket could be plenty long, but the agent it was assigned for only had one comment or even no comment.

Too short/Too long - examples include a ticket that only had 2 public comments, or a ticket with only a 30 second phone call. Examples of how to fix this would be updating public comment count or audio time attributes. Something that is too long could include an issue which might have persisted for a few weeks and it would be hard to grade due to all of the back and forth.

Replacement reporting

To improve your Automations due to high replacements, find a report from your grading assignments page, the homepage for most people.

On this report, for any Automation you think you could improve, click from there to go edit the automation directly.

Common Questions

Q. If I edit the filters of my Automation, will that impact the replacement options for previously created Ticket Reviews/Assignments?

A. No, each Ticket Review /Assignment that is created will respect the filters set when it was created, regardless of edits made to the Search Filter on the Automation after it was created.

For example, if Automation 1 sent out Ticket Review 1 where Saved Search 1 was configured, then you updated Automation 1 to use Saved Search 2, Ticket Review 1 will still use Saved Search 1's filtering when finding a replacement ticket.

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