Who can grade tickets?

What users can conduct Agent QA in Maestro

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Understanding Grading Permissions

When managing grading permissions in MaestroQA, there are a few areas to keep in mind:

  1. User Role Permissions: whether the account's role in MaestroQA can grade tickets

  2. Rubric access: whether the user has access to a rubric to grade tickets

  3. Agent access: whether the user has access to agents

This article will walk through how to check each of these fields to make sure your graders can get started with grading tickets.

Checking User Role Permissions

As a MaestroQA Admin user, ensure the proper MaestroQA Roles have grading access by:

  1. Clicking on "Settings"

  2. Click on "User Roles"

  3. Click on the "Role Permissions" tab

  4. Check underneath the "Edit Grades" column to see if the MaestroQA role has the proper grading permissions, mark "Yes" for roles that should have grading access

How to grade tickets

Rubric Access

The next thing to check would be whether the grader has access to use rubrics to grade tickets. This can be done as a MaestroQA Admin by:

  1. Clicking on "Settings"

  2. Click on "Rubrics"

  3. Underneath the "Access" column, click on "Edit Access"

  4. On the pop-up menu, ensure that the proper graders have both "View" and "Edit" access to the rubric. These permissions grant the user the ability to use the rubric to grade tickets.

  5. Click on "Update Access" once you are done applying the changes

Rubric Access

Agent Access

In order for a grader to conduct Agent QA, they need to be able to see tickets the agent has worked on. To check if the grader has proper access to agent groups. To do this as a MaestroQA Admin, you would:

  1. Click on "Settings"

  2. Click on "User Roles"

  3. Go to the "User Accounts" tab

  4. Look up the email for the grader in question

  5. Check underneath the "Access to Groups" column to see what agent groups the grader has access to

  6. Add the missing agent groups if necessary

Managing grader agent access

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