Our Feedback section is a great way to easily identify new coaching opportunities!

At the bottom of the Coaching page is a Feedback Section with a table that shows tickets with QA Scores and tickets with CSAT responses. Now, coaches can quickly find recent and relevant tickets to coach to specifically, whether the focus is on QA or CSAT. This saves a Team Lead valuable time when prepping for 1 on 1's, and helps them bring more context to the coaching conversation.

What's the Main Difference Between the Feedback Section and What it Replaced?

The new QA and CSAT Feedback table provides speed and detail to the overall coaching experience:

  • Easier to find recently graded tickets and recent CSAT tickets

  • Ad-hoc grading for CSAT tickets can be done right on the Feedback section

  • Coaches and agents now have full visibility into tickets when reviewing a grader's comments/feedback. Tickets can be viewed side-by-side with the qualitative feedback for further contextualization

  • Coaches can identify specific feedback at the ticket/criteria level and add it to their Coaching Sessions right away

The QA Table

Add Recently Graded Tickets to Coaching Sessions

Use the new QA Table to quickly identify an agent’s strengths and opportunities for coaching at the ticket or rubric criteria level, and add them to a Coaching session as Coaching Points.


The column headers for the QA table are as follows:

graded tickets
  • Ticket: shows the TicketID and the subject of the ticket

  • QA Score: the QA score given on the ticket

  • Rubric: What rubric was used to grade the ticket

  • Comments: The number of comments associated with a QA score

  • Date Graded: When the ticket was graded

  • Date solved: When the ticket was marked as solved

  • Coaching: Allows coaches to add the ticket to a coaching session

  • CSAT: If CSAT on the ticket is associated with the Agent, the ticket will appear in this section

Clicking a specific ticket expands the row and shows a detailed view of the QA score and the contents of the ticket.

graded tickets

By default, the QA scores will only show Criteria that Graders left comments for. But if desired, a user can choose to see all criteria for a ticket by toggling off the "Hide criteria without comments or drivers" option at the ticket level.

hide criteria

Coaches can automatically create Coaching Points directly from the QA table by either:

  1. Clicking "Add to Coaching" for the entire ticket

  2. Clicking "Add to Coaching" for the specific criteria

service standards

Categorize the ticket/criteria as a strength or opportunity for the agent, select a Coaching Session to add it to for further discussion, and leave any notes you'd like. Once saved, it becomes a Coaching Point in your Coaching Session.

The CSAT Table

Identify and Add CSAT Tickets to Coaching Sessions

Similarly, coaches can now easily access an agent’s most recent CSAT tickets on the same page with the CSAT Table.


The column headers for the CSAT table are as follows:

csat table headers
  • Ticket: shows the TicketID and the subject of the ticket

  • CSAT: shows what CSAT score was given by the customer for the ticket

  • Comments: refers to the CSAT comment provided by the customer if applicable

  • CSAT Date: the day the CSAT score was given

  • Coaching: Allows a user to create a Coaching Point based on the ticket

  • QA Score: If the ticket was graded, shows QA score

tickets with csat

CSAT can also be used to create Coaching Points. Select a ticket in the CSAT Table to options to either grade the ticket and/or add it as a separate Coaching Point for further review.

tickets csat

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