Coaching opportunities can appear at any time during a customer interaction. Sometimes, Graders may identify something that requires immediate attention or needs to be emphasized more in the next Coaching Session. Now, Graders can contribute even more by adding that discussion topic to a Coaching Session without disrupting their grading routine.

Within the flow of grading, Graders can now choose which criteria should be added as Coaching Points within a Coaching Session. This provides Graders another way to coordinate with coaches to call out important learning opportunities for Agents.

How to Enable "Add to Coaching" for Grading

Admins must go to Settings > Other Settings > Additional Feature Settings to find the feature flag labeled Enable "Add to Coaching" button in Grading. The feature will be turned off by default.

From here, Admins can decide which User Groups can use this functionality by going to Settings > User Roles > Role Permissions. This way, Admins can gradually introduce this new functionality to certain teams if that is preferred.

How Does This Impact the Team?

Each support team has its own unique QA process. Some teams prefer to have Graders focus solely on grading tickets while Managers are fully responsible for incorporating that feedback into their coaching sessions with Agents. Other teams prefer to have Graders more involved in the coaching process since they created the QA scores in the first place. Some teams have managers responsible for both grading and giving feedback.

Because of these various approaches to coaching, this update may not be the best fit for every QA process. Based on how your coaching program is constructed, the ability for Graders to add coachable moments during the grading process could either prove very beneficial or unnecessary. Take the time to consider how coaching is handled for your CX team to determine if this feature is right for you.

Here are some use cases that we've seen fit well with the new "Add to Coaching" feature for grading:

  • Great time saver for Managers who are also responsible for both grading tickets and delivering feedback

  • A more streamlined workflow for a Grader responsible for creating new Coaching Sessions. Graders can add specific criteria they feel should be covered in the next 1 on 1 session for an Agent without leaving the grading page. The Grader then reassigns the Coaching Session to the Team Lead to finish updating the material to be reviewed with the Agent.

  • Graders can create Coaching Sessions to escalate issues that should be addressed right away. While Team Leads focus on creating standard Coaching Sessions on a weekly basis, Graders can surface critical errors by creating a separate Coaching Session with a different name (or with a different Coaching Template to standardize the process across your team).

These are just a few examples of how it could be used. Be intentional about how you'd like to run your team's coaching initiatives and see if this update fits your needs!

Navigating the new "Add to Coaching" Functionality

Once "Add to Coaching" button in Grading is enabled in Other Settings and specific User Groups have been selected in Role Permissions, the functionality is available for Graders right away. The option to add criteria to a Coaching Session will appear on the grading screen.

Notice that Graders can only choose to add something at the criteria level to a Coaching Session. Once all necessary fields are filled out for a criterion, a Grader can write up additional information about the Coaching Point before adding it to either an existing Coaching Session or a new Coaching Session.

The Coaching Session is automatically linked to the Agent that is being assessed. Once the Grader is finished grading the entire ticket and saves the grade, the Coaching Point will be visible in the Coaching Session that the Grader selected. The Feedback Table in the Coaching tab will also show whether a criterion has already been added to a Coaching Session.

Note: Criteria added for coaching will not appear in a Coaching Session UNTIL the Grader saves the grade. If the grade is incomplete or it's saved as a draft, the Coaching Points won't be visible.

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