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Intro: Coaching Sessions

Learn how to give structured feedback with Coaching Sessions

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Coaching Sessions are at the core of Coaching in Maestro. Within Coaching Sessions, stakeholders can:

  • Hold 1:1 sessions with Agents to discuss performance over a particular, week, month or quarter, or work through Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) and discuss opportunities for growth and improvement

  • Review an Agent’s tickets or their recent KPIs using Coaching Points to discuss areas of strength and opportunities for growth

  • Standardize continuous learning for Agents by assigning learning modules and tasks for Agents with To-Dos

  • Prepare Coaching Sessions for other Leads with the information they want to go over with an Agent

How to Create a New Coaching Session

  1. From the Coaching tab, click on “New Session”

  2. Name the Coaching Session and select if you want to use a Coaching Template to populate the session. Click “Create and View Session” to go in and edit the session or “Create Session” to create it and close out

  3. Choose whether the coaching session will occur over meeting, chat, or email, and select the date the session will occur. Create a session overview with the text you’ll want to use for the coaching session.

  4. Optional: add coaching points to determine strengths and opportunities for agents. These can be general, or tied to specific KPIs like CSAT, AHT, or FCR.

  5. Optional: add To-Dos to set goals and track agent progress. Graders can also add tickets to Coaching Sessions as they grade.

  6. Finalize the session by leaving some summary notes (optional), setting the coach, and selecting whether or not to email it to the agent

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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