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Maestro coaching gives agents an opportunity to be proactive about their professional development, from bringing ideas into 1:1’s with coaches, to prioritizing goal setting, to reviewing QA and CSAT feedback on tickets. In Maestro, agents can:

  • Access coaching sessions that have been shared with them, and add in topics and tickets to discuss using Smart Links

  • View trends on QA performance and CSAT, as well as a feed of graded tickets and tickets with CSAT/CES scores

Agent Coaching: Major Components

  • Coaching Sessions:

    1. Here, agents will see any coaching sessions that have been shared with them. In the ‘agent space’, agents can bring in any thoughts, ideas, or tickets they want to discuss in the session

  • To-Do’s

    1. To-Do's allow coaches and agents to create goals within Maestro and establish clear takeaways in and outside of coaching sessions.

    2. Both agents and coaches can create To-Do’s, and agents can receive reminders and notifications through Slack or Email

  • Feedback table

    1. In the Feedback table, agents can see all tickets that have been shared with them with QA feedback or CSAT/CES score

    2. If agents are assigned due dates to review feedback, they will see them in the feedback table

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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