Create follow-up action items for an Agent to accomplish after a Coaching Session is complete.

To Do Section Action Items

Before, To Do's could only be added by coaches when creating a Coaching Session. Now as you can see above, any coach with access to an Agent can create a To Do (or action item) for the Agent directly from the Coaching tab. In other words, an action item does not have to be associated with a specific Coaching Session unless a coach wants it to be.

  • Use Case #1 - A coach may want an Agent to work on something but may not have time to mention it during an actual Coaching Session. So the coach can quickly create a To Do for an Agent directly from the Coaching tab and it will be visible to the Agent when they login to Maestro

  • Use Case #2 - A coach still has the option to add action items within a Coaching Session if they so choose

The coach will then be prompted to include more information about the action item. A coach can leave a title, a link to the content (optional), and a detailed description (optional) to make the action item as clear as possible for the Agent to complete.

Create To Do or Action Item

Note the different types of To Do's available. If you have Lessonly and/or Guru integrated with your MaestroQA account, your coaches will be able to select specific tutorials/cards for the Agent to review as an action item. Once a tutorial is selected, the link to the lesson will appear within the To Do section of the Coaching tab for the Agent to access right away.

Lessonly or Guru Action Item

All of the action items created in every Coaching Session will appear on the Coaching page along with any action items added directly from the Coaching page. As coaches mark off completed action items, users can flip back and forth to view Completed and Incompleted action items. The list also shows LMS material/tutorials that were assigned for the Agent to review from the Grading Workflow.

To Do Section

Users can click on any action item to view more details and options available. As you see below, a coach can mark an action item as complete, delete the action item, or add the action item to a coaching session.

Note: Agents can only mark action items as complete if they themselves created the action item. Any action item can be marked as complete/incomplete by a coach.

Mark action item as complete

If necessary, an action item can be added to multiple coaching sessions. This way a coach doesn't have to recreate an action item for multiple sessions.

Add action item to coaching session

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