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Learn how to use To-Do's for Tasks and Goal Setting

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To-Do's allow coaches and agents to create goals within Maestro and establish clear takeaways in and outside of coaching sessions. With To-Do's, coaches can:

  • Assign agents learning modules like Empathy Training, Shortening AHT, and Greeting Training through Lessonly or Guru

  • Create follow-up action items for an Agent to work on after a Coaching Session to drive accountability and alignment

  • Give agents tasks outside of coaching sessions for continuous improvement

  • Allow agents to create their own To-Do's with individual goals

How to Create To-Do's

  1. Click “New To-do” from either the Coaching Tab or from within a Coaching Session

  2. If you are using a Lessonly or Guru module, you can select them under “type” and select the assignment you want to add to the To-Do

  3. Create a description using text or macros, and select the checkbox if you want the agent to be able to edit the To-Do

  4. NEW! You can set up notifications and reminders that will be pushed to your agents via email or Slack that a To-Do has been created for them, and add due dates you want agents to complete them by

  5. On the right side of the To-Do screen, you will have the option to add the To-Do to coaching. If you created the To-Do from inside of a coaching session, it will automatically be added to the session you’re in. To-Dos can be applied to multiple coaching sessions, but are not required to be associated with any

  6. When the To-Do is done, mark it as “Complete”. Agents can only mark a To-Do as complete if they are allowed to edit the To-Do

✍ Note: Coaches can only edit To-Do's that are created by an Agent if the Agent gives them access

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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