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Adding to Coaching from Grading

Learn how Graders can contribute insights to Coaching Sessions

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Adding to Coaching from grading allows Graders to mark tickets with valuable insight directly from the grading workflow. With this:

  • Graders can quickly help suggest items for coaching while they evaluate an Agent’s tickets

  • Team Leads can always have a backlog of suggested coaching topics to reference when setting up a coaching sessions with their agent

  • Teams can build a stronger connection between their QA processes and Coaching programs

How to Add to Coaching from Grading

  1. From the grading screen, select “Add to Coaching” for a criterion with a valuable Coaching opportunity

  2. Mark the Coaching Point as a strength, or opportunity, and leave some notes for the Agent and Coach on why it’s a good Coaching opportunity

  3. [optional] To link this point to a specific session, select the session from the dropdown. The criteria will then appear in the Agent’s Coaching Session as a Coaching Point.

  4. Graders can only add specific criteria to tickets, and not the entire ticket

✍ Note: Admins can restrict which User Groups have access to this functionality at the bottom of our Role Permissions tab in User Roles

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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