Adding to Coaching from grading allows Graders to mark tickets with valuable insight directly from the grading workflow. With this:

  • Graders can quickly help prep Coaching Sessions for their teams while they evaluate an Agent’s tickets

  • In Team Lead models, coaches can seamlessly integrate their Coaching Sessions and grading workflows

  • Teams can build a stronger connection between their QA processes and Coaching programs

How to Add to Coaching from Grading

  1. From the grading screen, select “Add to Coaching” for a criterion with a valuable Coaching opportunity

  2. Mark the Coaching Point as a strength, or opportunity, and leave some notes for the Agent and Coach on why it’s a good Coaching opportunity

  3. Select which Coaching Session to add it to, and click “Add to Session”. The criteria will then appear in the Agent’s Coaching Session as a Coaching Point. The Coaching Point will not be available in the Coaching Session until the grader saves the grade on the ticket

  4. Graders can only add specific criteria to tickets, and not the entire ticket

✍ Note: Admins can restrict which User Groups have access to this functionality at the bottom of our Role Permissions tab in User Roles

🎥 Check out this video for a visual explanation:

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