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Why Isn't My Ticket Syncing?
Why Isn't My Ticket Syncing?

Check out this article to figure out why your ticket isn't syncing from your helpdesk into Maestro!

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There are a few reasons a ticket may not appear to have synced from your helpdesk into Maestro:

1. Disconnected Integration

One of the most common reasons a ticket may not sync from your helpdesk is if your helpdesk's Integration has disconnected in Maestro. Some reasons for disconnection include:

  1. The user who configured this Integration is no longer active in Maestro

  2. The Integration token has expired

  3. Your team has made updates to your IP "allow" list

  4. Your team has updated the permissions for this Integration token

  5. The person who connected the Integration has since had User Role in MaestroQA changed

Check out this article for more info on how and why an Integration could break and how to fix it:

An easy way to make sure is to go to the Integrations page and check if the tile for your helpdesk is properly integrated!

If your Integration is successfully connected, the tile will be blue and have a check mark:

If the Integration is broken or disconnected, the tile will either be blank (white) or red with an error message:

If the latter happens, simply click the tile and follow the instructions to re-integrate. Please see this article for Integration troubleshooting.

NOTE: The person who integrates your helpdesk with Maestro must be an Admin in both the helpdesk and in Maestro.

2. Agent Availability

In order to have their tickets synced into Maestro and be available for grading, Agents must be set to Available in Maestro under the User Roles > Agents tab:

An Agent will automatically become Available once they work on a ticket in your helpdesk that meets at least one of your team's Agent Association rules (see #3).

3. Agent Association

In Maestro, tickets are associated with Agents based on your team's Agent Association rules, which can be accessed via the Integrations page > scrolling down to Integration Settings > choosing "Agent Association" under "Select Setting," as shown here:

You can learn more about Agent Association rules, and what each of them means, from this helpful article.

4. Ticket Retention

Graded tickets are retained in Maestro based on your team's Retention Settings (on the Other Settings page). You can learn more about Retention Settings from this article.

If the ticket you're looking for was originally synced to Maestro, but not graded within the date range in Retention Settings, then it was likely removed from Maestro. If you need to grade it, you can always re-upload that ticket as a one-off from the Tickets tab > Create Ticket button!

As an alternative, you or someone on your team can add an internal note to the ticket in order to meet the "Last Updated" retention criterion.

If your Integration is properly connected, the ticket is associated with an Agent who is set to Available and meets your team's Agent Association rules, and the ticket falls within your Retention Settings window, but your ticket is still not syncing into Maestro, then please reach out to us to help investigate further. 🕵️

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