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Setting Appeal Deadlines for Agent QA
Setting Appeal Deadlines for Agent QA
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How do I set an Appeal Deadline?

Time Limits can be set by Maestro Admins on the User Roles > Role Permissions page underneath the “Appeals” tab.

After clicking the checkbox for “Enable Time Limit (AgentQA)”, you are allowed to set a time limit that an appeal has to be submitted on a QA score within a number of days after the QA score was originally created.

How do Appeal Time Limits/Deadlines work?

Appeal Time Limits run off of the Ticket Status "Reported As", which is commonly the original date a score was created prior to an appeal being submitted. To learn more about Ticket Statuses as a whole (including Reported As), check out this article here.

To help explain further, here is an example scenario:

  • Ticket ABC was graded on February 1st

    • Reported as date/original grading date is February 1st

  • Time Limit to submit an appeal is 14 days

As a result, any Appeal Submitter will have until February 15th to submit an appeal related to a criteria on Ticket ABC.

What will show on a ticket when the deadline/time limit passes?

When the time limit has passed, the “Start Appeal” button will be disabled and a pop-up message saying “The time limit to appeal this question has passed”.

What roles does this setting apply to?

All roles will have the same time limit to submit an appeal on a ticket.

Does this apply to multi-step or reviewing an appeal?

Time limit/deadline will only apply when an appeal is originally created. There is no impact when:

  • an Appeal Approver has to approve or deny an appeal

  • an Appeal Reviewer has to approve or deny an appeal

What are recommendations for setting a time limit?

When setting a time limit, we highly recommend to check:

  1. How are agents sharing QA feedback?

  2. When are the methods identified in the question above occurring? (eg. Weekly, Daily, Monthly)

Then make sure to quickly check to see when QA graders are creating scores to understand if the time limit set provides agents a fair chance to review a QA score. Additionally, increasing the frequency for how often QA feedback is shared can also help with keeping tighter appeal submission timelines.

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