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Setting up Appeals by User Group
Setting up Appeals by User Group
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How to set up Appeals by User Group

As a Maestro Admin, you can set up a User Group to receive appeals on the User Roles > Role Permissions page underneath the “Appeals” tab.

We highly recommend having a unique and dedicated User Group that contains your list of Appeal Reviewers. This can help with reducing cases of non-appeal reviewers from being added to the group. In the example above, we created a User Group named “Appeal Reviewers”.

It is also required to have at least one individual reviewer OR a User Group selected.

If you want to disable appeals, in the settings dropdown menu, click on Settings.

On the Settings page, click on "Feature Toggles". Then look for these two toggles shown here to disable the appeals flow:

How does this appear when submitting an appeal?

When submitting an appeal, the dropdown menu will contain the list of selected individual Appeal Reviewers OR the User Group selected. In this example, we only have the User Group “Appeal Reviewers” selected.

After selecting the reviewer of choice, complete an appeal as usual to have it shift to the next step.

Does this affect multi-step Appeals?

If an agent is set to submit appeals to an Appeal Approver, this will not affect that workflow.

To better explain, let’s walk through the workflow of multi-step appeals:

Step 1:

  • Agent submits appeal to Appeal Approver, which is set on an Agent Group level

Step 2:

  • If Appeal Approver approves of an appeal, it is then submitted to the Appeal Reviewer who makes the final decision

  • If an Appeal Approver denies an appeal, then the appeal will not progress

Step 3:

  • Appeal Reviewer reviews the appeal from Step 2 and approves or denies

Within the workflow, only the Appeal Approver in Step 2 can select an Appeal Reviewer (being either individual reviewer or a user group).

Who is an appeal assigned to if a User Group is selected?

A Maestro Appeal Reviewer, who was part of the User Group at the time appeal is submitted, will be randomly assigned to the appeal. This will also reflect on the Appeals table on the Appeals page.

What roles would this setting apply to?

This setting applies to all roles that can submit an appeal. So an agent and an Maestro Admin will see the same list of Appeal Reviewer options when submitting an appeal.

How do I submit an appeal?

To learn more about creating appeals, check out this article here.

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