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QAing Phone Calls

In addition to being able to QA regular email and chat interactions, phone calls can also be graded in MaestroQA

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After properly integrating your phone system with MaestroQA, users can take full advantage of the phone QA features. These include users having the ability to:

  • Speed up the recordings of calls 

  • Annotate specific moments in phone calls to highlight key areas 

  • Download and remove audio files from tickets

This article will walk through how users can effectively deliver feedback to agents when QAing a phone call. If you are looking for methods to track how a grader is interacting with an audio file, Admins can track this via the Activity Log. More on the Activity Log can be read by clicking the button below:

Note: If you are using an unintegrated phone system, these features are NOT available. 

Grading Phone Calls in MaestroQA

grading phone calls in maestroqa

When you click into a ticket that has an audio file, you can tell if your phone system has probably integrated if you see the audio file formatted as in the screenshot below.

phone recording

To narrow down the functionality of each section:

  • Blue/Cyan Area: By clicking here you can toggle how fast the recording goes. This increase by intervals of 0.5x up until 3x

  • Red Area: When you reach a specific area of the call and you want to leave a note for it, click on "Add Annotation". 

  • Orange Area: There are the annotations that was left on the audio file. These can also be tracked on the rubric, and users can click on the timestamp to jump to the annotation in the audio file. 

agent empathy question
  • Purple Area: Graders can download or remove the audio file. 

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