Getting Started

This article will walk through how to grade tickets in MaestroQA. In particular, we will focus on how to create QA scores for agents, otherwise known as AgentQA

Before proceeding, as a grader, please ensure you have the following:

  1. Access to use the proper rubrics
  2. Access to the agents you will be grading
  3. Have a MaestroQA role that can grade tickets

Refer to our FAQ at the bottom of the article if you are having any issues with the above.

Finding your grading assignments

For this article, we will focus on grading tickets that were assigned, and the best method to find assigned tickets is from the Home page!

On the Home page, click on an Assignment Name to see the tickets you will need to grade.

If you are a MaestroQA Admin grading tickets, you will need to switch over to the "My Grading Assignments" tab on the Home page. More details on the Home page can be read in the article linked below.

Grading Tickets

When grading your assigned tickets, click on the "Grade" button that is next to the ticket (as shown in the blue box above). This will bring you straight to the ticket to grade.

If the assignments was assigned via a Sharing Automation, then the agent and the rubric should be pre-selected. If these fields are not pre-selected, let your MaestroQA Admin know you are interested in having rubrics be pre-selected for your assignments!

When you have filled out all the relevant fields, you can click on "Save Grades" to save the grade you created.

What to do if the pre-selected options are incorrect/missing:

If the following pre-selected options are incorrect:

  1. Rubric
  2. Assignment Type

You can change these in the top navigation bar when you click into a ticket.

If the issue is around the agent not being appropriate to grade on the ticket, we recommend users to utilize the "Replace Tickets" feature.


Why can't I see a rubric/scorecard load up?

The 2 most common reasons are either:

  1. You do not have access to the rubric
  2. Your MaestroQA role is not permitted to create or edit grades

To fix, ask a MaestroQA Admin to update your rubric access and check your role permissions.

Why is the agent I need to grade not appearing?

If you are unable to see a specific agent(s) ticket, then you do not have access to this agent. Your MaestroQA Admin will need to update your Agent Group access.

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