Preset Coaching Templates

We built 'Out of the Box' Maestro templates to allow Coaches to quickly kickstart coaching programs with structured sessions

  • When creating a new Coaching Session, select a preset template with the 'M' logo from the Templates dropdown

Add Ungraded Tickets to Coaching

We’re making it easier to add ungraded tickets to coaching by enabling customers to add them directly from the Tickets tab

  • Add ungraded tickets that may be high-priority, tagged for coaching, or part of shadow/live coaching sessions

Ticket Level Engagement Report

Team leads can now view Agent Engagement with feedback on the Ticket level

  • In the Reporting tab, access our new ‘Agent Engagement-Graded Tickets’ report to view data about engagement on the Ticket level

  • Evaluate the scale of your QA programs by tracking how support teams are engaging with their feedback

Add to Coaching from Grading Turned On by Default

Use add to Coaching from Grading to:

  • Mark tickets with valuable insights directly from the grading workflow; allow Graders to quickly and seamlessly prep Coaching Sessions

  • Build a stronger connection between QA processes and Coaching programs

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