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I Have a Question About My Score
I Have a Question About My Score

How to dispute your grades in MaestroQA

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Every now and then, you may want to dispute a grade you received in Maestro. This could be because you think you deserved a higher grade or because you just want to learn more about why a certain score was given.

In Maestro, a score dispute is called an Appeal.

Can I Appeal a Score Within MaestroQA?

If your team has Appeals enabled, you will see a blue "Start Appeal" button on your ticket. Click that to begin your Appeal (see more detailed instructions below).

If you do not see the blue "Start Appeal" button on your ticket, this means your team does not have Appeals enabled, and you'll need to reach out to your Manager or Team Lead at your company to ask about the score. They will be able to go over specifics of your team's workflow and discuss any feedback on your grades.

How do I appeal my QA score?

If you are viewing the ticket you want to appeal from the Feedback Section of your Homepage, you need to click on the Ticket ID hyper-link so you can go to the actual grade on the ticket where you can begin to appeal.

  • Click on the blue text of your Ticket ID

  • From the page you are taken to, click View on the grade to open it

  • Then, if you do see the "Start Appeal" button on your ticket Click the "Start Appeal" button, as shown here:

  • From there, fill out the relevant fields and submit the Appeal to a Reviewer:

NOTE: You must provide a reason why you're Appealing before you can submit the Appeal.

  • After you click "Submit," you can view your Appeal within the ticket in Maestro by clicking "See Pending Appeal" beneath the question:

  • You can also check on it by going to the Appeals Table (Tickets > Appeals), adding the relevant search filters, and viewing it from there:

Can I Appeal a score more than once?

Yes! You can submit Appeals on a ticket multiple times. We wish to facilitate dialogue between you and your teammates, so there are no limits.

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